torstai, 20. tammikuu 2011

My winter holiday

 My winter holiday starts 1st March and ends at 7th. I am waiting it because it starts soon. I will do lots of things on my winter holiday for example skiing and ice skating. I am also going to Lapland. The journey is going to be long over thousand kilometers and it takes over ten hours. Lapland is in northern Finland and there are lots of skiing centers. I think that winter holiday should be longer because you can´t rest enough. Winter holiday should last two weeks or more. I am also going to play new video games on my winter holiday. I bought few of them earlier. Overall I  hope my winter holiday will be fun. 


 Jani Nurmi


torstai, 13. tammikuu 2011

Our winter vacation





Our winter vacation starts 1st at March and ends at 7th. We do lots of things on our winter vacation. We do sking, ice skating, shopping,  and we go to spa for example. Many Finns goes to Lapland  to downhill ski on winter vacation. Winter vacation is the time of relaxing for many Finns. Also some people go to foreign countries. 


I´m glad that we have winter vacation, without it everybody would get stressed of all the school and working. After the vacations everyones sleep pattern is all messed up, and they get late from school and work. This vacation should be longer! Because when it ends everybody is thinking the vacation should be longer and are mad about going back to school or work.

Jani, Joni and Tommi

torstai, 16. joulukuu 2010

My Christmas Joni Juhala

My Christmas
On christmas day, I wake up at 8:00 and start helping my mother with finishing our christmas foods and decorating our house. Our christmas foods usually consist of ham, liver casserole, escalloped potatoes, swede purée, carrot casserole, porridge and alot of candy. :) Our decoration is usually very, very red. Everything from carpets to curtains is red.
At 10:00 a clock my siblings start arriving, at 12:00 everyone has usually arrived. When everyone has arrived we start eating our christmas foods, i usually finish before my parents even start eating, so i always have to wait for an hour before everyone has eaten. After everyone has eaten we go to sauna. After everyone has been to sauna we start opening our gifts. If theres any small children, my father is usually the Santa Claus :P

torstai, 9. joulukuu 2010

My Christmas Jani Nurmi


My Christmas
Traditions of the christmas
My chrismas doesn´t include lots of traditions but I have few. One of these is going the church before the cristmas eve. I also send christmas cards to my relatives. While waiting for christmas there is lots of things to be done in home, such as christmas cleaning, christmas decorations and getting a christmas tree. The wonders of a finnish christmas include candles , homemade christmas foods , homemade decor and a christmas sauna. On the chrismas eve Santa Claus comes bring gifts to us.
Christmas food
The basic christmas foods are liver casselore , escalloped potatoes , carrot casselore , ham , mulled wine , rutabaga casselore and cookies, some people also like to make or buy gingerbread houses. I personally like cookies and ham but other foods are well too.
Christmas decorations
In my family christmas decorations are crucial thing. For example: Christmas tree ,decors, candels, christmas lights and gifts are those things. I think that christmas wouldn´t be chrismas without decorations.
Christmas music
Finnish christmas music is big part of finnish christmas. I start listening christmas music before the christmas.

torstai, 9. joulukuu 2010

My Christmas Tommi Toivonen

My christmas
Before the christmas we clean the house and decorate the house and make the ham ready for christmas.
we decorate the house with all kinds of christmas stuff like gnomes and angels and stuff like that. 
At the christmas eve we have riceporridge at the morning
and then couple hours later we have christmas sauna
and after that we eat all kind of christmas foods, like fish,liver casselore,
escalloped potatoes,carrot casselore, ham,mulled wine,rutabuga casselore and cookies.
at the christmas evening we go together to the christmas tree and give the gifts
 and if my sister is with us the christmass we will have santa too, because she has four little kids.
after we have opened the gifts we just wait for couple hours for the evening meal and after that we go sleeping and wait for christmas one year again <3 : )
Tommi Toivonen